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Discipleship/Recovery ministry leaders Cal Ealy (left) and Joe Jones



The Yeshua Society, through our Restore Church microchurch network, offers a three-step approach (Jesus First, Strongholds and Lifestyle ABCs) to men and women who desire to exit alcohol and drug addictions and brokenness of any kind in order to experience restoration of their lives that comes with a real relationship with Jesus Christ.


Our Discipleship/Recovery ministry includes residential (in Indianapolis for men), and non-residential options and physical and virtual recovery meetings for women and men. The result of the approximately one-year curriculum, we pray, is that participants:


  • Have a real Jesus relationship.

  • Have had strongholds and addictions broken by Jesus.

  • Are equipped for restoration in all aspects of their lives - physical, emotional, academic, financial and spiritual.

  • Are disciples of Jesus who make more disciples.


For more information contact Cal Ealy, +1 317.697.8431 or; or Joe Jones,

+1 317.523.1394 or

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