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If you are struggling with an addiction, if you're broken in any way, Jesus desires for you to have a better life with him.

If you're a Christian but you're not intentionally making disciples, Jesus wants you to make disciples.

That's why Restore Church Network and its supporting parent organization, the Yeshua Society, exist.  We want to magnify and glorify God by coming alongside broken people and share with them the great news that Jesus can heal and restore, and we train and send out disciples who make disciples, just like Jesus commands His followers to do.

Are you ready to trade in an old life of brokenness and addiction for a new joyful life with Jesus?  Are you ready to be a obedient Christian whom Jesus can use to build the Kingdom and impact the city or area where you live?

If so, welcome to Restore Church, the microchurch network of the Yeshua Society.

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