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As the moral decline of Western civilization advances, greater reliance on a back-to-the-future way of being church and reaching unsaved people with the gospel is needed.


Thus, the Restore Church Network of microchurches (house churches as found in the New Testament) is mobilizing an expanded church planting and disciple-making outreach, with designs on starting US and UK churches who are united in Christ, in fellowship with each other and devoted to Jesus as loving, servant families of believers who are on mission to the lost.


As a part of this new endeavor, RCN will be adding to our substance abuse and addiction focus four areas where the evil one is attacking Western civilization with high degrees of success, destroying people through the destruction of families, lies about human sexuality and marriage, the stealing of children by explicit sexual messaging and sexual abuse, and the murder of unborn babies.


We are seeking support (prayer, in-kind and financial) and Bible-believing churches and non-profits as partners for the expansion.


+1 317.377.4847

Restore Church Network prays to be able to make disciples who make more disciples.
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Read our white paper for reasons microchurches are needed.

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Find out how you can join us in reaching the lost with the gospel.

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