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Question: What’s Restore Church Network?

Answer: We're a network of missional communities (microchurches).


Q: What’s a microchurch?

A: Microchurches are real churches as found in the Book of Acts. By design, they are small communities of believers that worship, build community and go on mission together focused on reaching the lost through community engagement initiatives where lost people live, play and work.


Q: What’s a microchurch planter?

A: Microchurch planters are missionaries who start microchurches. If you have a passion for people who don't have a relationship with Jesus, one way to reach them with the gospel is to start a Discovery Bible Study which can become a microchurch. If God has called you to do so, microchurch planters are trained and supported by the Yeshua Society. You'll learn about Disciple Making Movements, Discovery Bible Studies, the importance of prayer, making the church relevant in your community, how to recognize to whom God is sending you and much more. More importantly, you'll become a disciple of Jesus who makes more disciples as you are used by God to expand the Kingdom.

Q: How do I join or start a microchurch?

A: You can find when and where our microchurches meet as well as how to begin the process of starting a new microchurch by calling +1 317.695.6047 or filling out the Microchurch Contact form.

Q: What’s a Disciple Making Movement?

A: A common definition is a movement of at least 100 new churches that have rapidly multiplied to the fourth generation. There are more than 1,800 documented DMMs around the world, most of which are in the Global South. Restore Church Network is part of a DMM coaching group, Experience Life, that includes churches and Jesus followers from all over North America and the United Kingdom who are praying for DMM movements in the Global North.

Q: What’s a Discovery Bible Study?

A: Catalysts in Disciple Making Movements use an obedience-based Bible study method that allows the Holy Spirit to teach and prayerfully leads to participants becoming disciples of Jesus who make disciples. The study utilizes four primary questions:

- What does the passage we read tell us about God?

- What does the passage tell us about us?

- Now that we know the passage, how will it change our life?

- Who do we know that we can tell what we just learned?

Q: What’s the Yeshua Society?

A: Restore Church’s parent is the Yeshua Society, a 501c3 church organization. The Yeshua Society operates Restore Church Network, resources it and trains disciples to make disciples.


Also, the Yeshua Society owns The Hub in Beech Grove, Indiana, an inner-city area of Indianapolis. The Hub is a transitional home for men coming our of alcohol and drug addictions. In addition, it functions as a worship and training center, and the base of operations for our Discipleship/Recovery ministry


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