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1. How can the Yeshua Society present the gospel in intimate settings to large numbers of broken people so they can be healed and restored by Jesus?

2. How best can we teach broken people to live a Christian life and to become disciples of Jesus who make more disciples?



Restore Church Network Engagement

Engage cities by developing an informal network of detox facilities and alcohol and drug addiction treatment centers, offering to assist them with teaching classes and conducting Bible studies, for instance. When men and women graduate from the centers, offer them support and services to help further their recoveries and our relationships with them.


Restore Church Network Families

Start discovery groups for relationship building, support and Bible study where hurting people live, work and play. Plant microchurches for worship, fellowship and being on mission. Discovery groups and microchurches are purposely designed to be small, like the gatherings of the early church, so all who are members can know each other and function as a church family.

The Yeshua Society is a 501c3 church organization that was planted by the Indianapolis-area's Brookville Road Community Church. We are Calvinist (reformed) Baptists, which simply means we believe and do what we read in the Bible. We are affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention.

We have a strong desire to demonstrate Jesus and preach the gospel to people in the margins - those with hurts and addictions of any kind.


Our ministries include Restore Church Network in Indiana, The Hub in Beech Grove (Indianapolis) and Restore Church Network in England. (Restore Church Network is a dba of Yeshua Society, Inc.)

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