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Christian Living

Residential CLRs are for men who desire to exit alcohol and drug addictions and who want to learn how to live a Christian life. Designed to last approximately one year, men live at The Hub in Beech Grove. Five areas of their lives are addressed - spiritual, emotional, physical, academic and financial.


Our prayer for participants is that their strongholds are broken by Jesus, they're restored, and they become committed followers of Him, being a disciple who helps the next addict become a disciple of Christ.

How the residency works is described below.

Biblical Warfare.jpg


After being granted a residency, it is determined what gaps the resident has in the five areas (spiritual, physical, emotional, academic and financial) and work to fill the gaps begins.



Men are taught the basics of the gospel and why they need a relationship with Jesus.


Addictions are the symptom of a deeper issue called strongholds. Utilizing 2 Corinthians 10:3-6 a strategy, and Ephesians 6:10-18 where spiritual weapons are discovered to use in the battle, strongholds are identified and prayer is made for Jesus to destroy the strongholds.



This study by Henry and Richard Blackaby and Claude King is given so CLR residents can be on a path to know and do the will of God.


This final step emphasizes that recovery is not the ultimate goal. Instead, it's only the baseline. The ultimate goal is doing the will of God. Opportunities to participate in the life of Restore Church and to be sent to lost people to spread the gospel are presented.

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