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What an amazing opportunity and honor to plant a church and make disciples. If you would like to become a microchurch planter with Restore Church.International contact Pastor Mo Wildey in the Indianapolis area (317.695.6047 or or Pastor James Pinkerton in the North County San Diego area (760.670.6233 or

If you'd like to join an existing microchurch or Discovery Bible Study see the list of micros below.


RC.I Beech Grove – Focus: Worship, prayer and communion – Sundays, 7 pm - 90 South 7th Avenue, Beech Grove - Contact: Pastor Dan Bailey, 317.840.2950,


RC.I Recovery for Men – Focus: Restoration and recovery – Men recovering from drug and alcohol addictions – Discovery Bible Study – Sundays, 5:30 pm - 90 South 7th Avenue, Beech Grove - Contact: Joe Jones, 317.523.1394,

RC.I DMM – Focus: Disciple Making Movement training for microchurch planters, others – 10-week DMM curriculum – Selected times – 2544 Wayward Wind Drive, Indianapolis – Pastor Mo Wildey, 317.695.6047,

RC.I Eastside – Focus: Breaking the cycle of violence among youths and children on Indy's east side. – Planning for this church plant in under way. Core team meets selected Wednesdays. Open to all. – 2544 Wayward Wind Drive, Indianapolis – Pastor Mo Wildey, 317.695.6047,

Solomon’s Portico – Focus: Praise and Worship – Monthly gathering for Restore Church International microchurches, open to all – 33V3 Band, prayer, communion, announcements – Second Sunday of each month, 7 pm Indiana/6 pm Texas/4 pm California; 24/7 post event on RC.I YouTube channel – 90 South 7th Avenue,  Beech Grove, and Pastor Mo Wildey, 317.695.6047,; Jim Hagans, 317.753.8618 

Sophia’s Hope – Focus: Arts enrichment for young women who grew up in foster care homes – Prevention of homelessness, domestic violence, drug addiction, teen pregnancy and sex trafficking – Coming  2022 – Meeting place TBD – Kathleen Coleman, 317.759.4463





RC.I Escondido – Focus: Disciple making; Homelessness assistance, restoration – Actively seeks to make disciples who make disciples – Discovery Bible Study, meals – Sundays, 4 pm – 820 Birch Ave., Escondido – Pastor James Pinkerton, 760.670.6233,

For information about additional North County gatherings contact Pastor James Pinkerton, 760.670.6233,

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