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In the Bible we see the importance of Jesus’ church being relevant in their communities – building relationships, helping those in need, praying with them and informing them that their true hope for restoration comes from a real relationship with Jesus. Here are the three primary ways the Yeshua Society and Restore Church International engage communities and how you can benefit.

  • Community Engagement: We identify major areas of need in our communities and then work to be part of a solution. For instance, in Indianapolis, as in all cities, alcohol and drug abuse are a major reason why Indy has one of the highest murder rates in the United States. Through our Discipleship/Recovery ministry we provide transitional housing for men who are addicts who want to become former addicts through a relationship with Jesus. In North County San Diego we are working with the city of Escondido to provide part of the solution to lower the city’s homeless population. Our base for these ministry outreaches is our community engagement hubs and to some extent each of the churches in our microchurch network.

  • Discipleship/Recovery for Addictions, Hurts, Homelessness: The Yeshua Society’s voluntary Christ-centered transitional ministry is for men (addictions, brokenness and homelessness) and women (brokenness and homeless). Accepted applicants will discover the only true path to recovery involves a relationship with Jesus, a desire to tell others how Jesus gave them a new life, and financial independence. The ministry has residential and non-residential options.

  • Celebration Place: If the cycle of addictions, brokenness and dysfunction that is destroying families is to be broken we must provide prevention education and related services to children. Celebration Place is the approved children’s curriculum from Celebrate Recovery ministries for young people ages 5-13. Beginning in 2022 Restore Church in Indianapolis will utilize this Christ-centered ministry, partnering with parents and caregivers to educate children about the dangers of drugs and alcohol and to introduce them to Jesus and His teachings. 


To become involved or for more information send an email to

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