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Discovery Groups to

Disciple making is in our DNA because Jesus commands us to do so. As a way of encouraging and helping to ensure that discipleship of believers and non-believers occurs, we utilize discovery groups and microchurches. See below to find out how they form and function.

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 Step 1 


Believers with common compassion for a specific grouping of broken or struggling people (single moms with financial issues or drug addicts who want to quit, for instance) begin meeting together in a discovery group for prayer, Bible study and training for going to the lost.


 Step 2 


When trained, the believers go to their people group to share the gospel and to build genuine relationships by coming along side them and providing for needs as they go through their struggles, demonstrating a path to recovery and restoration through Christ.

 Step 3 


For those in their people group who desire to know more about Jesus, believers incorporate them into their discovery group for prayerfully, discipleship to conversion and for Bible study, worship and furthering of relationships. This enables the group to transition to being a microchurch for worship, fellowship (building up each other in the body of Christ which is the church), and discipleship (learning how to live a Christian life), and to be on mission together.

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